In October 2020, Good Design Award, one of the top 4 design awards in the world, announced O’right Toothpaste N° Zero as the winner of the Good Design Gold Award and praised its groundbreaking formula, commenting: “From its manufacturing, ingredients to the packaging, O’right’s latest design truly embodies the circular design thinking that Good Design Award represents.” Adopting a circular mindset, we design zero carbon products in a way that allows them to be reused in the biological or technical cycles while offering green lifestyle solutions.

The origin of the green lifestyle revolution


Toothpaste is an essential part of our daily dental hygiene routine. However, toothpaste has not evolved since the Industrial Revolution and still contains harmful chemicals that are banned from cosmetics products. This inspired Chairman of O’right Steven Ko to develop a green toothpaste with a never-seen-before formula.

Think of silicon dioxide as an ingredient found in glass. Now imagine it in your toothpaste, wearing away the tooth enamel. It does not dissolve in water and therefore also bad for the environment. As such, O’right team concocted a gentler alternative to silicon dioxide – sustainable wood powder – which has the same effects but is so much better for you and the earth. Our wood powder is 100% biodegradable and cleanses by gently wrapping your teeth. And instead of artificial fragrance, we use 3 billion chlorella cells as a natural substitute. Our toothpaste does so much more than just clean your teeth, it also takes care of your oral health.

This revolutionary toothpaste’s journey from concept to store shelves was time-consuming. It took our team 3 years and hundreds of tests to perfect the green formula. Our toothpaste contains 100% biobased content (i.e., no petroleum or fossil fuel ingredients) certified by the USDA, which has a stringent labeling process that reflects and builds upon their credibility, integrity and trust. By carrying the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label, we assure our consumers that keeping your teeth clean doesn’t have to come at the expense of your health. With sustainability at the core of everything we do, we have created an innovative toothpaste paves the way for a green lifestyle revolution that is good for people and for the earth.

Internationally-acclaimed green practices and designs


“We pride ourselves on eliminating chemicals in favor of natural and green products to give consumers the best of what nature has to offer in beauty. When we were bringing this food-based toothpaste from idea to reality, we never thought we would receive such honor from a world-renowned design award,” Chairman Steven Ko could barely contain his emotions when O’right was announced as the Good Design Gold Award winner. The team behind the innovation also expressed their surprise and humility: “This win comes as a wonderful surprise as we didn’t think our minimalist design would be noticed among other entries. We are greatly honored.”

Taiwan is a small island, so it is challenging for brands to make it into the global market. This toothpaste is not just an award-winning product, but also an inspiration that sets new standards and lays the foundations for change in the sustainable industry. From our P2 laboratory, diamond certified green factory to USDA certified non-petroleum-based ingredients, O’right believes that as long as we stay true to our brand values, and follow stringent principles and rigorous processes, we can deliver top quality products that benefit people, earth and the society.