As the autumn and winter slowing creeps up, your scalp may begin to feelitchy, dry and flaky. Don’t fret! Leave it to our hair care experts to help you banish your bad hair and scalp days – leaving you with zero problems and looking a hundred percent radiant.
Sudden temperature changes can cause the skin to become sensitive, dry and inflamed – scalp included. Since the scalp is a part of your skin, it will also be in a vulnerable state during the seasonal switch-up. In this case, going for gentle hair products that soothe your scalp.
O’right Dandelion Sensitive Shampoo is especially designedfor children and sensitive scalp. Concocted with certified organic chamomile, rice and characterized by a soft and creamy foam – like dandelion, this shampoo, along with the help of an equally gentle scalp exfoliator and some good messaging, can keep your hair and scalp clean while also relieving neck and shoulder tension. The fan-favorite Caffeine Botanical Scalp Revitalizer is like a serum (only it’s for your scalp not your face) packed that scalp-loving ingredients that deliver the nourishment your scalp needs and deserves.
Don’t forget about your hair, which is probably also feeling dry and in desperate need of hydration. Bamboo Moisturizing Shampoo replenishes while giving it a naturally airy and weightless look. Thanks to its refreshing scent, it’ll leave your hair smelling great too. Be sure to keep your hair dryer’s heat set on low to medium and coat your hair with Recoffee Hair Oil to protect it from heat damage.

What you put on your plate is just as important as what you put on your hair and skin. Natural food such as nuts, spinach and yogurt can benefit your hair as well. Don’t let the cold weather stop you from stepping outside and getting some vitamin D from the winter sun. This simple step could help promote the scalp’s blood flow. Lastly, get enough sleep and more exercise. Love yourself in the most natural way possible and you’ll warm up even during the cooler days.