Founded in 1970, Xitou Forest Recreation Area was the first forest recreation park in Taiwan. As nature-based learning, outdoor learning and environmental education gained popularity, it was renamed Xitou Nature Education Area in 2004.

Xitou is like a classroom in the forest, home to 300 woody plants and 1,300 plant species. When you step into the forest in early autumn, you’ll be welcomed by the fog. Look up at the tall trees and enjoy the sun peeking through the branches. Ever since we planted our first tree on the land we adopted in Xitou, we have been soaking up the beauty of the natural landscape of the forest every year we revisit the area.

The rising awareness for environmental education has pushed us to think of ways to foster healthy and sustainable living by seeking an intimate connection with the natural world and exploring nature with the five senses. As a tour guide of the Natural Taiwan University Experimental Forest said: “We have so much more to learn from nature, so we shouldn’t compromise the planet we call home for personal needs.”

Sustainability in business often teeters between dream and reality. It is a concept that is still considered as a grey area in which businesses have difficulty defining. The many street vendors parked in front of the beautiful Xitou forest are proof of that. For years, O’right has been striving to find solutions that are good for people and good for the environment, developing the world’s greenest shampoo, the first renewable plastic pump, and making sure that everything manufactured in our green factory is purely green. We also adopt forest land to mobilize business action and leadership and to turn the sustainability dream into a concrete reality.

We have been championing forest protection since 2011. Now we live in a world where climate change is wrecking havoc. We are the changemaker generation, and we are not powerless in the face of the global crisis. It is time for us to create the world we want our future generations to live in and fight to win this race. The trees we planted ten years ago have now grown to become taller than anyone of us. Our actions show us, and hopefully, others, that as long as you have your heart of making a change, you will be the change.