Green care, like home, is the epitome of warmth and protection, protecting us and earth with a pure and natural energy. Hair salons have jumped on this green bandwagon, using their unique style and professional services to touch the hearts of customers.

Creating a sense of belonging with a home-like space

The word “chu” sounds like “home” in Taiwanese. That’s why the owners named this workshop as CHU Hair Studio: to make their customers feel at home. When customers enter CHU Hair Studio, they are warmly welcomed with simple, refreshing design and a relaxing atmosphere. The moment they step foot into the salon marks the beginning of a soothing journey.


But first, healthy hair and scalp

One year ago, CHU Hair Studio was founded by 4 hairdressers and good friends on the core belief of treating each customer like family. Making the health of customers’ hair and scalp their top priority, they share their beauty concepts and care tips while creating trendy hairstyles custom made for them.


Premium green service for hair and scalp

Worsening environmental conditions and stressful lifestyles are the main culprit of scalp problems. CHU Hair Salon hairdressers believe that it’s important to communicate with and listen attentively to customers’ needs. They recommend the most suitable shampoo and conditioner products to customers based on their scalp and hair health. They also introduce customers to the natural power of O’right Botanical Caffeine Scalp Revitalizer by giving them a relaxing, pleasant scalp treatment. CHU Hair Salon brings customers into the charismatic world of green hair care.



Towards a greener future

There is no place like home. CHU Hair Studio provides a space for people to find a sense of peace and serenity, away from their busy lifestyles, and O’right warmly embraces the earth like family with green products. When CHU Hair Studio and O’right join hands to form a green team, they not only give customers the pampering they deserve, but also helps to protect planet earth. Thank you, CHU Hair Salon, for choosing O’right. Let’s make things right and work together to blaze a path forward to a better and brighter future.