Green and organic consumption is growing in popularity. Now, even hair salons are feeling this green trend. A salon in Korea called La Bridge has attracted public attention for its green concepts, becoming a pure green place quietly situated in the middle of a busy city.

La Bridge represents the connection between people, the bridge between life and design and the natural wonders of urban life. With the health of customers and nature as their priority, the hairdressers of La Bridge is a truly green salon from the inside out. Inspired by nature, La Bridge provides high quality services for customers who are in pursuit of a simple, healthy and green lifestyle.


In Korea, more and more consumers living in the city are suffering from problems such as skin sensitivity and hair loss. As such, they begin on the search for green products that are good for humankind and Mother Nature. La Bridge chose a different path, a path that most hair salons are unfamiliar with. They chose to seek green products, and found the world’s greenest hair care brand in Taiwan: O’right. La Bridge and O’right then became the perfect fusion of green in Korea.

2It’s not just La Bridge. Nowadays, more Korean salons are choosing O’right products to enhance market competitiveness with unique green concepts. Like La Bridge, most of these salons have found their own place in the world.


By spreading their green capability, it wasn’t before long La Bridge quickly expanded their business and opened another store in Yeonsu, Incheon. This new salon can be found on the 4th floor of LF Square shopping mall, where customers can enjoy a day of shopping, food and culture. Hair care is just one of the services La Bridge offers. The green salon also offers spa therapy to relieve stress and improve the quality of life of modern people living a fast-paced, busy life. La Bridge provides a refreshing escape from urban life while caring for your beauty. This concept reflects the green lifestyle O’right promotes, giving consumers the chance reset their body, mind and soul and come out looking beautiful from inside out. Customers are healthy and beautiful, and so is our planet earth.


In La Bridge, there is kid’s area decorated with lovely wallpaper and a fun red car especially designed for children to sit in while getting their hair cut. This makes kids less objected to haircuts and allows them to have a little fun.

The Director of La Bridge Yeonsu, Yun-jung Choi said, “In order to provide customers living in the city a comfortable and natural environment, we incorporate green elements into our salon. We will keep on giving our customers wonderful experiences one after another through scent, warmth and music.”


Na Nool, an O’right distributor based in Korea, will continue to support La Bridge on their green journey and hopes to encourage more Korean salons to see the wonders of green power. Come and live a greener lifestyle with O’right!