Green salons – O’right’s most intimate green partners

For the past 15 years, we have maintained an intimate relationship with our green salon partners. Together we impact more consumers with our green concept of Natural, Pure, and Eco-friendly and strive for continuous innovation. From the first green salon, we have since then established more than 7,000 salons in Taiwan and even more distributed across 30 and more countries worldwide to spread green seeds of hope for a better and brighter future.

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Selected salons – Experience a visual feast and innovative service

Hair salons are designed to enhance your beauty. Green salons provide an eco-friendly environment and contentment for the mind and soul to achieve a more beautiful you and earth.



Awakening your scalp and the beauty in you

Step into O’right Caffeine Hair Tonic Stores and embark on a journey to awaken your scalp and the beauty in you. Get to know your scalp and learn how to properly treat it. Also, remember to give your scalp a thorough cleanse before following with skin care products. Wash your hair with O’right Caffeine Shampoo and awaken it with Caffeine Hair Tonic, gently massaging caffeine, ginger, Willowleaf meadowsweet and Fumaria extracts into your scalp for deep nourishing. Enjoy the lightweight feel of your scalp and natural volume in your hair and indulge in the natural scent of plants for a purifying and revitalizing experience. You will feel relaxed and refreshed from inside out! Lastly, use O’right Classic Paddle Brush to give your scalp a relaxing massage and help Caffeine Hair Tonic absorb better. Your scalp deserves the most natural nutrients. Awaken your scalp and the beauty in you with O’right.


Where to experience Caffeine Hair Tonic: