“Green Upgrades for a Better and Brighter World"
Sustainability is not just about nature; it is also a way of life. We can all live a sustainable lifestyle without any pressure. All you need to believe in the power of small; believe that small steps can led to big changes and make a big difference, guiding the world towards a better and brighter tomorrow. 

As for how to live a sustainable lifestyle? Some people choose to cycle instead of driving or riding a motorcycle to reduce carbon emissions and enjoy life in the slow lane; while others choose to escape urban life and go back to the country. O’right, on the other hand, chooses to deliver green products and take green actions for sustainable living.

From the very beginning, we had set our hearts on carrying on the path towards a green revolution, because we firmly believe that good product quality is the basic right of consumers. In Taiwan, some companies opt to sacrifice consumer rights for the sake of gains. A series of food safety incidents that came to light in Taiwan made consumers wonder if choosing truly natural products and living a simple lifestyle is the right thing to do. O’right believes in producing green products that benefit human health and the environment. By building Taiwan’s first green cosmetic plant, using green raw materials and packaging, adopting green logistics, promoting green actions and using our power to unite everyone to make a difference together, for years O’right has followed these green footsteps for both you and our planet. DS-180130-074-2月電子報Banner_04In 2018, O’right wants to invite everyone to upgrade your green lifestyle and use healthier and eco-friendlier products. Therefore, we upgraded the packaging of our shampoo and body wash lines with renewable plastic bottles to help reduce carbon emission by 80% and eliminate plastic waste. As for formula, our product formulas have been upgraded with Vegan, Gluten Free and GMO Free certifications to prove that we are not just sticking to our eco promise but also creating the kind of green lifestyle you and I both desire.

A green idea can change the whole world. We planted seeds of sustainability as our commitment to give planet earth and everyone a wonderful future. Green shampoo products are environmentally friendly to rivers; thus, we are preventing water shortage and protecting the ecosystem of rivers. Green packaging is enriched with precious seeds that symbolize our hope for sustainability on earth. Green recycled bottles help minimize carbon dioxide emission so that earth can take a deep breath. Green products do not trigger air pollution and do not contain any harmful chemicals, so consumers can use without being afraid of getting allergic reactions or damaging their skin.


We are confident that the kind of product we choose reflect the kind of lifestyle we want for ourselves. Join us on our green journey to make a difference and spread the concept of green living to everyone around you. Make your life better and make the planet greener.

Live green is not just a slogan; it is an attitude and a way of life.