About 95 % of food comes from the soil. However, there are still some people thinking that soils are dirt, probably because they forget that soils are where food begins. Grains, vegetables and fruits, which we depend on, as well as other plants and trees all rely on nutrients from the soil. Soils are the source of lives and the mother of the earth. Actually, 58 % more food can be produced if sustainable farming methods are practiced on a global scale. About a half of the kitchen wastes can be turned into nutrients back to the soil; unfortunately, only one third of which are composted.。


The FAO of UN declares 2015 the International Year of Soils

Soils are vital for food safety and environmental protection. In order to arouse peopleʼs awareness of the importance of the soil and call for soil conservation, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization declares 2015 the International Year of Soils.

Soils are humanityʼs silent ally, a fact we had learned in school so many years ago:

  • Healthy soils are the foundation to healthy food and a healthy life.
  • Plants grow in soils and we grow plants for food, fabric, fuel and medicines.。
  • Soils are home to one fourth of species on the earth and therefore are crucial for maintaining biodiversity.
  • Soils retain and filter water to encourage a fast recovery of the land from flood or draught.
  • Soils play a key role in carbon circulation (carbon capture and storage) and are helpful for adaptation to and fight against climate change.

Healthy soils bring a healthy life and a sustainable future. Act now to protect the soil!

2015 International Year of Soils